welcome to the new deLorean

Welcome to the new DeLorean, where we took what was working previously and created a brand that helps everyone with their future endeavors involving working together, advancing towards the future, and learning how to efficiently create new ideas and implement them.

In a Meeting


DeLorean brings experts together, leveraging ideas
to find solutions from the inside out. 

John DeLorean, the original founder of the DeLorean Motor Company, 
knew who to have collaborate on his project. He took the best of the best around the world to help achieve his dreams. We want to take what
DeLorean did successfully to create a network where we collaborate with
the best minds around the world to find solutions through leveraging ideas. With our vision and passion, we can help advance and empower businesses around the world. 


Advancement (Evolution in Progress)


“The DeLorean was known for bringing a futuristic, sleek-fantasy vision, with supposedly advanced technology. It was the Tesla of its day.”

— Stephen Wyne, CEO of DMC




Dynamic (Energetic Change)

“DeLorean had ambitious plans for his company. He was already a well-established name in the industry, and he wanted to grow his success even further, showing the world what he was able to do.”

—Jeremy Ethan, MUSCLE CARS

Visionary (Inventing the Future)

“John Zachary DeLorean was indisputably a brilliant engineer. A flamboyant, aggressive business executive who burst out of the
staid, yes-men culture of the 1950s, he would prove to be an early model of the modern American visionary—think Jobs, Bezos, Zuckerberg—who discarded convention in pursuit of a singular vision.”

— Chuck Tannert, Forbes

Our History

John DeLorean had previously worked at different vehicle companies but left because he felt that the automotive industry was stagnant and not going anywhere. He believed he had the ideas and power to change the automotive world. He had started his own company, the DeLorean Motor Company, and created the DeLorean car. He pulled specific people he knew that were experts in certain fields to work on the DeLorean. It was meant to be a stylish sports car that had speed and luxury. It was made for those who wanted something that was the best of the best, visionary, long-lasting, ethical, and safe. 

However, this hyped-up car did not live up to its expectations. It was underpowered, unsafe, and not fuel-efficient. DeLorean, trying to make quick money for the failing company, was busted for drug dealing. After he was acquitted from the charges, he did not go back to the DeLorean. 


Process Books

To learn more about this re-branding process, please click on the books below. There are three books that show the development and process of the new DeLorean brand. 

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