The DeLorean promotes collaboration between all people, whether it's children working on projects together, or adults working together through business. These new opportunities
give people the chance to work together. 



CIP–5003 // The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt


CIP–6001 // The Annual DeLorean Collaboration

CIP–6002 // The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition


CIP–8001 // DeLorean + Citrix

CIP–8002 // DeLorean + LanguageWire

CIP – 5003 // Experiences

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt 

Teenagers rushing to find the items, after solving the clues. 


Young adults working together to solve clues to find the  hidden items.

Mother and daughter working on the scavenger hunt  

together, virtually.  

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt offers teammates working together and finding solutions to be able to find hidden items In-person, or virtual, this scavenger hunt promotes collaboration and meeting new people while having fun. 

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt is a fun event for children and adults. There are different categories to sign up for based on age range and whether you want an in-person or virtual event. The scavenger hunt is a team based event that encourages teams to work together to locate the hidden items. Teams are randomly chosen so that participants can work with new acquaintances, learning how to communicate and work with them. To be successful, team members must work together to figure out the clues. This event happens a few times a year and is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub. Signing up in advance is encouraged to ensure a spot on a team. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by working with new people and trying to solve clues together to complete the hunt. 


The scavenger hunt promotes people working together to find hidden items by clues. Although this differs from the original brand, it retains the idea of collaborating and leveraging ideas to find solutions. 

Similar to: Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Scavenger Hunt

What makes this scavenger hunt different from others is that it’s on a larger scale, offering different categories and providing an in-person or virtual event. 

Links to: The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt is available to sign up for on the DeLorean Resource Hub. 

CIP–6001 // Event

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration

A large gathering of different businesses coming together to share and present new ideas, solutions, and the latest products. This will span across different industries ranging from business, to digital marking, to high tech products, uniting and
creating connections.

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration is an annual gathering that hosts many different industries that create innovative products and services that include softwares, programs, hand held devices, and large machinery, and more. This annual gathering gives companies an opportunity to show their latest products, services, and trends. This also gives companies an opportunity to collaborate with each other, to discover new ideas and to create innovative products. The DeLorean Collaboration also gives companies the chance to demonstrate what they brought to the gathering, giving the audience a chance to view and ask questions. 

Mission Focus

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by giving the opportunity for businesses to gather together to be able to collaborate and learn from each other. 


The Annual  DeLorean Collaboration brings people together to show and tell about their latest and greatest product. This promotes the idea of collaboration.

Similar to: Adobe Max, ProductCon

What makes the Annual DeLorean Collaboration different from the similar conferences is that had a wider selection of fields of industry that talk about their success and have physical products to show. 

Links to: The Annual DeLorean Collaboration is advertised and available to sign up on the DeLorean Resource Hub.


Outside of the DeLorean Collaboration building.

One example of the many innovative inventions at the Collaboration showcasing a medical robotic machine. 

Presenters have a chance to speak about their product and ideas, and giving the audience a chance for questions. 

CIP–6002 // Event

The DeLorean idea and creation Competition

The DeLorean Competition offers a chance for people to compete in a contest for the most innovative idea or product. This is open to children (ages thirteen to seventeen) and adults, allowing them to show off their forward thinking ideas and creative thinking. 

The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition is for children and adults to meet up and compete against each other to see who has the most innovative ideas and products. The competition is divided into different age groups, and single or multi-person groups. This competition is not for already-made products that are on the shelf, but rather a competition that starts from an idea and evolves into the product. Participants may bring their own materials, but the DeLorean company will have materials and resources available as well. Participants may enter as a single competitor or can be part of a group to promote DeLorean’s mission of collaboration. There will be one winner from each category which will can be monetary or a trending product. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition reinforces our mission of collaboration  and thinking by giving people the opportunity to gather together to create something new and innovative. 


The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition is about bringing people together to come up with new ideas to create innovative products, which falls in line with DeLorean’s keyword’s of being dynamic (evolving) and visionary.

Similar to: NASA Wear Student Challenge, IBM Master the Mainframe

Both the NASA and IBM competitions are geared toward students, the DeLorean Competition’s age range is from child to adult and do not have to be a student
to enter. Also, this competition will be in person, whereas the IBM competition is virtual. 

Links to: The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition is advertised and available to sign up on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

CIP–8001 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + Citrix

DeLorean and Citrix partnering up together to mainstream collaboration through the digital workspace. Citrix is a company that delivers solutions that powers a better way to work digitally.  This team–up can help expedite information and solutions efficiently through on-line.

Citrix offers digital workspaces to help meet the needs of the workforce, giving people the space to do and be their best. They make working from anywhere possible, no matter the location, network, or device. Citrix gives people the opportunity to perform at their best, making it possible to think, create, and innovate. Partnering with Citrix will help expedite working on-line with anyone, anywhere. With less hiccups and problems, being able to collaborate with different people and businesses will be an easy, efficient, and secure experience. 

Mission Focus

DeLorean and Citrix reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by creating a digital workspace that is efficient and reliable, giving people the opportunity to collaborate virtually.


DeLorean partnering with Citrix is different by working with a digital space, but still having the idea of collaborating and being innovative stays true to the brand. 

Similar to: International Data Systems LLC, World Wide Technologies

What makes this partnership different than the other digital work space companies is that this is a specific partnership for the DeLorean’s clientele and business partners.  

Links to: The DeLorean + Citrix co-branding is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

CIP–8002 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + LanguageWire 

With the help of LanguageWire, businesses can meet with
anyone world wide to collaborate, without having the worry of a language barrier. 

LanguageWire gives people the tools needed to have a high-quality multilingual content in one place. With direct collaboration with language experts, LanguageWire and DeLorean can team up to make working together more accessible, no matter the language. LanguageWire provides a content platform that makes creating content, translations, and publishing content possible. DeLorean’s mission
is about bringing experts together to leverage ideas to find solutions, and experts can be found all around the world. DeLorean wants
to make sure that language barriers do not prevent collaboration between experts.


Mission Focus

DeLorean and Languagewire reinforces our mission of collaboration by making it possible for any one of any language to work together.


What makes this partnership different is the use of language. It still connects to the DeLorean brand by collaboration. 

Similar to: Google Translate, iTranslate

What makes the DeLorean and LanguageWire different from similar translators is that it’s a larger system including a personal touch of having someone available to translate, and not exclusively automated program.

Links to: The DeLorean + LanguageWire co-branding is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub.