One of the most inspiring and exciting things to do when creating a brand is going through the all the possible ideas of what it could be. Below are some of the sketching process for finding the new logo for DeLorean. After hundreds of designs and ideas, we came to the idea of the phoenix. A bird that dies and is reborn from its ashes. The DeLorean brand represents the idea of being reborn and rising above from its ashes to soar to new ideas and solution. 


Rough Sketches

These rough sketches show the phoenix within a shield shape, representing protection and defense. Other sketches include a flame, representing the rebirth
of the bird. 

phoenix shield.jpg

Computer Mock-ups

The sketches make it to the computer, giving us a chance to play around with different colors. Blue, for a cool blue flickering flame. Orange for a medium weight, with a softer look. Red for passion and bold. 

phoenix logo_comp-01.png

The New Logo

Here is the new logo to represent the DeLorean company. The red phoenix is rising above the ashes and fire from once it was born. Having a phoenix and the fire together seemed too busy, so we opted for flames to be a negative space bringing simplicity and the illusion of flames flickering before the rising bird.

Color Palette

Our brand has two acceptable colors to use for the brand and the logo: red and black, known as crimson and onyx. We wanted bold colors and names that brought strength to the brand. Grey had been a choice at the beginning of the re-brand, but was taken out because it's not as strong as the other two colors. 


Here are samples of different stationery for the company. The design is simple and uses the brand colors. The business card is the one that has the most color because this will be the one most people will see. It will be handed out, put in offices, and in wallets. 

Brand Extensions

We have come up with new extensions to help promote our brand mission of leveraging ideas to find solutions. They are divided into different categories ranging from products, to experiences, to co-branding. Within the categories,
we organized them into three different sections shown with the chart below.



CIP–2001 // Product

The DeLorean Solution App

An app that helps organize ideas to find solutions. This will be for an individual or company to use. The app will consist of a calendar to keep track of meetings, to-do list, notes, and more. The DeLorean Solutions App will help keep you organized each day to support your ideas and business. 

Think of the DeLorean App as your digital personal assistant. This app will help keep your life organized to make things easier for you to explore your ideas and collaborate with others. A calendar will help keep your dates and meetings organized, there will be a note section for writing or sketching, a daily, weekly, and monthly to-do-list to keep you on track, and a document holder. A virtual assistant, voice activated,  can make this app hands free to promote more time for your busy schedule. There is also the capability of collaborating and connecting with your friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. You can share whatever information you like with any of your connections. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Solution App reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by helping others collaborate and giving the opportunity to discover new ideas and solutions.


This product is different in that it’s a software for a mobile phone. The thing that connects the app to the brand-universe is the idea of collaborating with others. 

CIP–2002 // Product

the delorean interactive robot

DeLorean now has different robotic kits for everyone in the family to enjoy the process of collaboration and creating something special of your own. Here is a chance to be innovative and learn about science, technology, and engineering. 

The DeLorean Interactive Robot is a robotic kit that you can purchase and bring home to build. There are different kits available for different age ranges. From child to adult, the whole family can have their own robotic kit, or work on one kit together. From blocks, arms, writing and drawing, to experiment and programmable robots, there are a variety of kits to help promote learning, collaboration, and creativity. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Interactive Robot reinforces our mission of leveraging ideas to find solutions by learning how to problem solve and come to a solution by creating their very own robot. 


The DeLorean Interactive Robot offers innovation and advancement for any age. Not only do they gain a new product, but knowledge and experience from the process. 

CIP–2003 // Product

The Delorean Book:

How To Be The One That Stands Out 

The DeLorean Book: How To Be The One That Stands Out gives historical background on one of the most ambitious minds in America, and gives guidance and inspiration for your journey. 

The DeLorean Book is a historical, informative guide book that gives the history of the DeLorean company and its founder. It talks about the process of how to be innovative, creative, and how to be the one that stands out. It also goes into the discussion of how to find other experts and leverage ideas to find solutions to get to the place you want to be. Whether you are looking to start your own business, or design a new product, or be able to come up with new innovative ideas, this book will help guide you and give inspiration. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Book reinforces our mission of advancement and being visionary by providing the history of the DeLorean founder and offering guidance on how to be successful and innovative. 


The DeLorean Book offers the history of the company and gives guidance to the reader on how to be innovative. Although this is a small product, the content has big ideas
and inspiration. 


CIP–3001 // Services

The DeLorean assistant 

This shop will help customers with any questions, installations of products, and any repairs. These Builders will be at each DeLorean location, ensuring quality customer service. 

The DeLorean Assistant is a customer-service shop that is located at each of the DeLorean locations. Here customers can call or walk in to talk to DeLorean employees with any questions they may have about the company and its services and products. If the customer is having any issues with their DeLorean products or softwares, DeLorean Builder can assist them in their difficulties. It is suggested to make an appointment so the customer does not have to wait for a long time, but walk-ins are welcome. During their wait, many of the products, services, and programs are available to try and learn about. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Assistant reinforces our mission of advancement by helping people to be able to move forward with the least amount of malfunctions and difficulties with their products and softwares.  


This shop offers opportunity for products and softwares to be fixed, ensuring the promise of reliable and efficient products and softwares. 

CIP–3002 // Services

The DeLorean inspired Scholarship

DeLorean believes in early learning and giving access to those who want to learn and grow. The DeLorean company will offer scholarships to help those wanting to go to college or a training program. Applicants will write an essay about their ambitions and goals. A limited amount of applicants will be chosen annually.

The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship is an annual opportunity for students to apply for funding for college or an alternative program. DeLorean believes in promoting early learning and to help remove barriers for those who want to learn, especially financial barriers. The DeLorean will award a limited amount of scholarships each year, along with a new computer and DeLorean software, making it possible for more children to make it to a high education level. All that is required is to write an essay talking about their ambitions and goals, and how they can make the world a better place with their innovative and visionary ideas. Upon graduation, the DeLorean will award the graduated student with a monetary reward.

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship reinforces our mission of advancement, being dynamic, and being visionary by giving children access to higher education so that they can become brighter minds for the future. 


This scholarship helps children make it to a higher education so that they can learn and have the resources to create their own innovative products or businesses.


CIP–4001 // Environment

The DeLorean resource Hub

An on-line hub that offers classes, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and products, making access available nationally and internationally.

This interactive site hosts all the DeLorean softwares, products, and podcasts, and offers classes, workshops, and seminars to attend or view. This is available world-wide and offers translations making it easy for anyone to visit. The DeLorean Resource Hub promotes collaboration, connection, and learning. The hub is targeted towards children and adults, offering different levels of classes and workshops. There is also advertising of the different collaborations DeLorean is a part of.

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Resource Hub reinforces our mission of collaboration
and finding solutions by being a collaborative environment where people can connect and have the resources to help with their leveraging of ideas. 


The DeLorean Resource Hub is an on-line interactive hub and focuses on providing information and resources to everyone.  

CIP–4002 // Environment

The DeLorean Innovation Museum

The DeLorean Museum has all the previous DeLorean products
and history on display. From who and where John DeLorean was before he founded the DeLorean Motor Company, to his famous DeLorean car, to now, it is all available to see and read about at the DeLorean Museum. 

The DeLorean Innovation Museum has the history of John DeLorean, who he was growing up, to his career, to how he founded the DeLorean Motor Company, his famous DeLorean car, and how he found the best minds to help create it. The Museum also hosts a couple different DeLorean cars for people to view, even including the gold plated DeLorean. There is also other innovative products that DeLorean has produced and also has interactive exhibits for people to enjoy, to help them be able to leverage ideas to find solutions. And lastly, the museum also shows some of the world’s famous inventions and going into detail about the ideas and solutions that were put into it. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Innovation Museum reinforces our mission of collaboration by gathering people together to learn about the past and how they can create brighter futures.


The DeLorean Innovation Museum shows the history of the brand and encourages creative and innovative thinking for the future. 


CIP – 5001 // Experiences

The DeLorean STEM Teens
(Build Your Own Product)

The DeLorean Teens is a camp for children and teenagers to
create their own innovative product. By utilizing resources and
the minds of others in the camp, each child will go home with a new product created by their own hands. Materials and resources supplied by DeLorean. 

The DeLorean STEM Teens is a week long camp (indoors) for children and teenagers ages eight to seventeen. Although each child/teenager will have their own product to build, they can use their peers for help, learning how to utilize resources and leverage ideas to find solutions to complete their product. From computers, to robotics, each individual will learn life lessons, skills, and tools to take with them through their education and future careers. The DeLorean Teens promotes early learning, giving access to all children and teenagers, regardless of financial status and education level. The DeLorean Teens will supply all materials and resources. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean STEM Teens reinforces our mission of collaboration and leveraging ideas to find solutions by providing early learning of collaboration and leveraging ideas. 


The DeLorean STEM Teens reaches out to kids and teenagers and teaches them about STEM, whereas the original company focused
on adults. 

CIP – 5002 // Experiences

The DeLorean School Project


The DeLorean School Project believes in collaborating with schools to give children the opportunity for learning and exploring different career options for their future. DeLorean works with schools across the nation in after school programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, and more. 

The DeLorean School Project promotes extra learning and building the education and skills of children so that they can be successful when they go out into the world. This program is offered on site (with participating schools) or virtually from home or school. Some of the different programs offered are learning more about different fields in science, technology, engineering and a variety of different languages to choose from. DeLorean is looking to help children achieve their goals and help building great minds for the future. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean School Project reinforces our mission of being visionary by promoting advance learning for children so they can become brighter minds for the future. 


This project will help young minds create new innovative products and ideas for the future, focusing on education. 

CIP – 5003 // Experiences

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt 

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt offers teammates working together and finding solutions to be able to find hidden items In-person, or virtual, this scavenger hunt promotes collaboration and meeting new people while having fun. 

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt is a fun event for children and adults. There are different categories to sign up for based on age range and whether you want an in-person or virtual event. The scavenger hunt is a team based event that encourages teams to work together to locate the hidden items. Teams are randomly chosen so that participants can work with new acquaintances, learning how to communicate and work with them. To be successful, team members must work together to figure out the clues. This event happens a few times a year and is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub. Signing up in advance is encouraged to ensure a spot on a team. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Scavenger Hunt reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by working with new people and trying to solve clues together to complete the hunt. 


The scavenger hunt promotes people working together to find hidden items by clues. Although this differs from the original brand, it retains the idea of collaborating and leveraging ideas to find solutions. 


CIP–6001 // Event

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration

A large gathering of different businesses coming together to share and present new ideas, solutions, and the latest products. This will span across different industries ranging from business, to digital marking, to high tech products, uniting and creating connections.

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration is an annual gathering that hosts many different industries that create innovative products and services that include softwares, programs, hand held devices, and large machinery, and more. This annual gathering gives companies an opportunity to show their latest products, services, and trends. This also gives companies an opportunity to collaborate with each other, to discover new ideas and to create innovative products. The DeLorean Collaboration also gives companies the chance to demonstrate what they brought to the gathering, giving the audience a chance to view and ask questions. 

Mission Focus

The Annual DeLorean Collaboration reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by giving the opportunity for businesses to gather together to be able to collaborate and learn from each other. 


The Annual  DeLorean Collaboration brings people together to show and tell about their latest and greatest product. This promotes the idea of collaboration.

CIP–6002 // Event

The DeLorean idea and creation Competition

The DeLorean Competition offers a chance for people to compete in a contest for the most innovative idea or product. This is open to children (ages thirteen to seventeen) and adults, allowing them to show off their forward thinking ideas and creative thinking. 

The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition is for children and adults to meet up and compete against each other to see who has the most innovative ideas and products. The competition is divided into different age groups, and single or multi-person groups. This competition is not for already-made products that are on the shelf, but rather a competition that starts from an idea and evolves into the product. Participants may bring their own materials, but the DeLorean company will have materials and resources available as well. Participants may enter as a single competitor or can be part of a group to promote DeLorean’s mission of collaboration. There will be one winner from each category which will can be monetary or a trending product. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition reinforces our mission of collaboration  and thinking by giving people the opportunity to gather together to create something new and innovative. 


The DeLorean Idea and Creation Competition is about bringing people together to come up with new ideas to create innovative products, which falls in line with DeLorean’s keyword’s of being dynamic (evolving) and visionary.

CIP–6003 // Event

DeLorean Goes Green

For one week we encourage everyone to make an effort to go green in your communities. This annual event promotes being aware of how you use the earth’s resources and how you can help make the world more green. 

DeLorean Goes Green is an annual event that lasts a week. One of the lesser known things about the DeLorean is that we try to create things that are eco-friendly and are conscience of the environment. We are hoping this annual event will bring awareness that the DeLorean believes in the green imitative. To help bring this awareness, the DeLorean encourages communities to try to make more of an effort of going green for one week. This includes recycling, picking up loose trash in your neighborhood, and being more conscience of water and power usage in your homes. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Goes Green underscores our commitment to being innovative while being earth conscience by providing opportunities for communities to collaborate together to go green. 


DeLorean Goes Green is an event that brings communities together to work together to make the world a green place. This connects to the idea that John DeLorean wanted his cars to be eco-friendly.


CIP–7001 // Education

The DeLorean spark Podcast

A podcast offering different categories of science, technology, and engineering, giving the opportunity for people to learn about the process of how something is created and accomplished There will be different hosts and guest speakers for the different categories, bringing a variety of people to share their history and successes. 

The DeLorean Podcast will have different categories of science, technology, and engineering for people to listen to. There will be different hosts and guest speakers from the different industries talking about the history and success and failures of their field. This will give the listeners a chance to learn more about a specific field, learning about different people’s process to come up with ideas and find solutions to achieve their goal. There will be a section on the DeLorean Hub for people to have access to the different channels. They will start out live, and be recorded for people to listen to later, and there will be a chance for question and answers. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Spark Podcast reinforces our mission of leveraging
ideas to find solutions by sharing people’s success of their ideas
and solutions. 


The DeLorean Spark Podcast is different in that it’s about education, but still being about collaborating and learning about the process of ideas and solutions.  

CIP–7002 // Education

The DeLorean Training Program  

The company will offer classes on business, science, technology, engineering, etc. To those wanting to further their education and career. This wouldn’t be a school, but more ofa program.

DeLorean offers an in-training program, training seventeen year olds and older in a specific field of industry. These fields include science, technology, and engineering. DeLorean promotes educating those willing to learn so that they can be able to work with others, providing insightful ideas and solutions wherever they go, and to be able to be innovative and resourceful. This in-training program offers employment with the DeLorean company upon completion, if that is the graduate’s goal. Otherwise, DeLorean will send their graduates off to the world, one bright and educated mind at a time. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Training Program reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by providing the training and resources to be able to collaborate, leverage ideas, and find solutions when they go out into the workforce. 


The DeLorean Training Program provides people an opportunity to be able to create new and innovative ideas and products for the future, and also helps secure them a job with DeLorean. 


CIP–8001 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + Citrix

DeLorean and Citrix partnering up together to mainstream collaboration through the digital workspace. Citrix is a company that delivers solutions that powers a better way to work digitally.  This team–up can help expedite information and solutions efficiently through on-line.

Citrix offers digital workspaces to help meet the needs of the workforce, giving people the space to do and be their best. They make working from anywhere possible, no matter the location, network, or device. Citrix gives people the opportunity to perform at their best, making it possible to think, create, and innovate. Partnering with Citrix will help expedite working on-line with anyone, anywhere. With less hiccups and problems, being able to collaborate with different people and businesses will be an easy, efficient, and secure experience. 

Mission Focus

DeLorean and Citrix reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by creating a digital workspace that is efficient and reliable, giving people the opportunity to collaborate virtually.


DeLorean partnering with Citrix is different by working with a digital space, but still having the idea of collaborating and being innovative stays true to the brand. 

CIP–8002 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + LanguageWire 

With the help of LanguageWire, businesses can meet with
anyone world wide to collaborate, without having the worry of a language barrier. 

LanguageWire gives people the tools needed to have a high-quality multilingual content in one place. With direct collaboration with language experts, LanguageWire and DeLorean can team up to make working together more accessible, no matter the language. LanguageWire provides a content platform that makes creating content, translations, and publishing content possible. DeLorean’s mission
is about bringing experts together to leverage ideas to find solutions, and experts can be found all around the world. DeLorean wants
to make sure that language barriers do not prevent collaboration between experts.


Mission Focus

DeLorean and Languagewire reinforces our mission of collaboration by making it possible for any one of any language to work together.


What makes this partnership different is the use of language. It still connects to the DeLorean brand by collaboration. 

CIP–8003 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + Lego

DeLorean and Lego partner together to create a special DeLorean Lego block set, encouraging kids to be creative with their hands and learning the process of problem solving. 

DeLorean and Lego team up together to encourage kids to build things with their hands and learn about creativity and problem solving. DeLorean believes in making learning fun and educational at the same time. Lego has designed a special building toy to match the DeLorean brand and include instructions on how to build certain structures. This promotes early learning and teaching kids how to read instructions and following through. This is a limited edition of Lego’s that will be available for a limited time. 

Mission Focus

DeLorean and Lego’s partnership reinforces our mission of advancing and being dynamic by learning to create new things and keeping the mind active. 


Partnering with Lego promotes kids to early learning and problem solving, but keeping with the brand’s mission of learning new things and keeping creativity alive.