To innovate is to make something better through new ideas, methods,or products. These opportunities help people learn creative ways to be innovative.



CIP–2001 // The DeLorean Solution App

CIP–2002 // The DeLorean Interactive Robot


CIP–3002 // The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship


CIP–4001 // The DeLorean Resource Hub

CIP–4002 // The DeLorean Innovation Museum


CIP–5002 // The DeLorean School Project


CIP–8003 // DeLorean + Lego

CIP–4002 // Environment

The DeLorean Innovation Museum

The DeLorean Museum has all the previous DeLorean products and history on display. From who and where John DeLorean was before he founded the DeLorean Motor Company, to his famous DeLorean car, to now, it is all available to see and read about at the DeLorean Museum. 

The DeLorean Innovation Museum has the history of John DeLorean, who he was growing up, to his career, to how he founded the DeLorean Motor Company, his famous DeLorean car, and how he found the best minds to help create it. The Museum also hosts a couple different DeLorean cars for people to view, even including the gold plated DeLorean. There is also other innovative products that DeLorean has produced and also has interactive exhibits for people to enjoy, to help them be able to leverage ideas to find solutions. And lastly, the museum also shows some of the world’s famous inventions and going into detail about the ideas and solutions that were put into it. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Innovation Museum reinforces our mission of collaboration by gathering people together to learn about the past and how they can create brighter futures.


The DeLorean Innovation Museum shows the history of the brand and encourages creative and innovative thinking for the future. 

Similar to: National Inventors Hall of Fame, National Museum of American History

What’s different about this museum is that it’s mainly about a single person and company. The similar museums are about multiple people and a country. 


Links to: The DeLorean Innovation Museum is advertised on the DeLorean
Resource Hub.

Entrance to DeLorean Museum. As you walk in, you can see the DeLorean brand mark.


Exhibit of the DeLorean and other vehicles on show. Information on the history and interesting facts available to view.

An exhibit showing the founder of the DeLorean Motor Company.

CIP – 5002 // Experiences

The DeLorean School Project


The DeLorean School Project believes in collaborating with schools to give children the opportunity for learning and exploring different career options for their future. DeLorean works with schools across the nation in after school programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, and more. 

The DeLorean School Project promotes extra learning and building the education and skills of children so that they can be successful when they go out into the world. This program is offered on site (with participating schools) or virtually from home or school. Some of the different programs offered are learning more about different fields in science, technology, engineering and a variety of different languages to choose from. DeLorean is looking to help children achieve their goals and help building great minds for the future. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean School Project reinforces our mission of being visionary by promoting advance learning for children so they can become brighter minds for the future. 


This project will help young minds create new innovative products and ideas for the future, focusing on education. 

Similar to: Microsoft, Google Education

Microsoft helps schools through donations and Google provides grants and education to schools. DeLorean + Schools differs by proving on site and virtual teaching directly from the company. 

Links to: The DeLorean School Project can be advertised and available to sign up on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

Children learning together in the classroom. 

Children have the opportunity to learn virtually from home and with a kit included to have hands-on learning. 

Tablets are available for children who do not have one to use for DeLorean programs and apps.

CIP–8003 // Co-Branding

DeLorean + Lego

DeLorean and Lego partner together to create a special DeLorean Lego block set, encouraging kids to be creative with their hands and learning the process of problem solving. 

DeLorean and Lego team up together to encourage kids to build things with their hands and learn about creativity and problem solving. DeLorean believes in making learning fun and educational at the same time. Lego has designed a special building toy to match the DeLorean brand and include instructions on how to build certain structures. This promotes early learning and teaching kids how to read instructions and following through. This is a limited edition of Lego’s that will be available for a limited time. 

Mission Focus

DeLorean and Lego’s partnership reinforces our mission of advancing and being dynamic by learning to create new things and keeping the mind active. 


Partnering with Lego promotes kids to early learning and problem solving, but keeping with the brand’s mission of learning new things and keeping creativity alive. 

Similar to: Mega Bloks, Kre-O

What makes this different from other similar building blocks is that it's not cartoon characters or buildings, but more of ideas, and is only available for a limited amount
of time.

Links to: The DeLorean and Lego products can be ordered on the DeLorean
Resource Hub.

The DeLorean logo on a Lego building sheet. 

A close up of blue Lego blocks scattered about.

A child using his creativity and learning skills to build with Lego’s.

CIP–2001 // Product

The DeLorean Solution App

An app that helps organize ideas to find solutions. This will be for an individual or company to use. The app will consist of a calendar to keep track of meetings, to-do list, notes, and more. The DeLorean Solutions App will help keep you organized each day to support your ideas and business. 

Think of the DeLorean App as your digital personal assistant. This app will help keep your life organized to make things easier for you to explore your ideas and collaborate with others. A calendar will help keep your dates and meetings organized, there will be a note section for writing or sketching, a daily, weekly, and monthly to-do-list to keep you on track, and a document holder. A virtual assistant, voice activated,  can make this app hands free to promote more time for your busy schedule. There is also the capability of collaborating and connecting with your friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. You can share whatever information you like with any of your connections. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Solution App reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by helping others collaborate and giving the opportunity to discover new ideas and solutions.


This product is different in that it’s a software for a mobile phone. The thing that connects the app to the brand-universe is the idea of collaborating with others. 

Similar to: Habit Hub, 24me Smart Personal Assistant,
Pocket Schedule Planner

This app is a bit different from the similar apps, due to the idea of global networking on a higher scale. The similar apps deal with meal intake, chore lists, and goal lists. 

Links to: The app links to the DeLorean Resource Hub, where you can find more information or download the app. 

CIP–2002 // Product

the delorean interactive robot

DeLorean now has different robotic kits for everyone in the family to enjoy the process of collaboration and creating something special of your own. Here is a chance to be innovative and learn about science, technology, and engineering. 

The DeLorean Interactive Robot is a robotic kit that you can purchase and bring home to build. There are different kits available for different age ranges. From child to adult, the whole family can have their own robotic kit, or work on one kit together. From blocks, arms, writing and drawing, to experiment and programmable robots, there are a variety of kits to help promote learning, collaboration, and creativity. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Interactive Robot reinforces our mission of leveraging ideas to find solutions by learning how to problem solve and come to a solution by creating their very own robot. 


The DeLorean Interactive Robot offers innovation and advancement for any age. Not only do they gain a new product, but knowledge and experience from the process. 

Similar to: TI Robotics Learning Kits, Robotic Kits

What makes this robotic kit different is that it offers a kit for a variety of ages not a specific group of kids, teenagers, or adults. 

Links to: The DeLorean Interactive Robot can be found on the DeLorean Resource Hub, and the DeLorean STEM Teens.

CIP–3002 // Services

The DeLorean inspired Scholarship

DeLorean believes in early learning and giving access to those who want to learn and grow. The DeLorean company will offer scholarships to help those wanting to go to college or a training program. Applicants will write an essay about their ambitions and goals. A limited amount of applicants will be chosen annually.

The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship is an annual opportunity for students to apply for funding for college or an alternative program. DeLorean believes in promoting early learning and to help remove barriers for those who want to learn, especially financial barriers. The DeLorean will award a limited amount of scholarships each year, along with a new computer and DeLorean software, making it possible for more children to make it to a high education level. All that is required is to write an essay talking about their ambitions and goals, and how they can make the world a better place with their innovative and visionary ideas. Upon graduation, the DeLorean will award the graduated student with a monetary reward.

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship reinforces our mission of advancement, being dynamic, and being visionary by giving children access to higher education so that they can become brighter minds for the future. 


This scholarship helps children make it to a higher education so that they can learn and have the resources to create their own innovative products or businesses.

Similar to: Dell Scholars Program, Intel Scholarship

What makes the DeLorean Inspired Scholarship different is that there is no ethnic restrictions (such as Intel’s applicants can only be African American), and the DeLorean offers a monetary reward up graduation.


Links to: The DeLorean Inspired Scholarship is advertised and available to sign up on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

CIP–4001 // Environment

The DeLorean resource Hub

An on-line hub that offers classes, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and products, making access available nationally and internationally.

This interactive site hosts all the DeLorean softwares, products, and podcasts, and offers classes, workshops, and seminars to attend or view. This is available world-wide and offers translations making it easy for anyone to visit. The DeLorean Resource Hub promotes collaboration, connection, and learning. The hub is targeted towards children and adults, offering different levels of classes and workshops. There is also advertising of the different collaborations DeLorean is a part of.

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Resource Hub reinforces our mission of collaboration
and finding solutions by being a collaborative environment where people can connect and have the resources to help with their leveraging of ideas. 


The DeLorean Resource Hub is an on-line interactive hub and focuses on providing information and resources to everyone.  

Similar to: Google,, LinkedIn Learning

What makes the DeLorean Hub different from the similar interactive sites, is that the DeLorean Resource Hub has more content and combines shopping, learning, resources, in one site. Whereas Google is a search engine, offers classes, and LinkedIn Learning connects people through business, the DeLorean Resource Hub has it all and more. 

Links to: The DeLorean Resource Hub has the DeLorean Solutions App and all DeLorean offered classes and workshops on its site.