One of the main objectives of the DeLorean is finding solutions. These new opportunities will help people learn how to develop skills for this objective.



CIP–2003 // The DeLorean Book: How To Be The One That Stands Out


CIP–3001 // The DeLorean Assistant


CIP–5001 // The DeLorean STEM Teens (Build Your Own Product)


CIP–6003 // DeLorean Goes Green


CIP–7001 // The DeLorean Spark Podcast

CIP–7002 // The DeLorean Training Program

CIP – 5001 // Experiences

The DeLorean STEM Teens
(Build Your Own Product)

An example of a robotic to build and bring home. 


Another example of the many robotics for kids to build and play with. 

A fun interactive robotic that follows the mark of the special marker. 

The DeLorean Teens is a camp for children and teenagers to create their own innovative product. By utilizing resources and the minds of others in the camp, each child will go home with a new product created by their own hands. Materials and resources supplied by DeLorean. 

The DeLorean STEM Teens is a week long camp (indoors) for children and teenagers ages eight to seventeen. Although each child/teenager will have their own product to build, they can use their peers for help, learning how to utilize resources and leverage ideas to find solutions to complete their product. From computers, to robotics, each individual will learn life lessons, skills, and tools to take with them through their education and future careers. The DeLorean Teens promotes early learning, giving access to all children and teenagers, regardless of financial status and education level. The DeLorean Teens will supply all materials and resources. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean STEM Teens reinforces our mission of collaboration and leveraging ideas to find solutions by providing early learning of collaboration and leveraging ideas. 


The DeLorean STEM Teens reaches out to kids and teenagers and teaches them about STEM, whereas the original company focused on adults. 

Similar to: Boston Leadership Institute, Brooklyn Robot Foundry

What makes the DeLorean STEM Teens different from the similar camps, is that the DeLorean Teens is not cost, it’s free for the children and teenagers to sign up (availability limited).

Links to: The DeLorean STEM Teens can be advertised and available to sign up on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

CIP–6003 // Event

DeLorean Goes Green

For one week we encourage everyone to make an
effort to go green in your communities. This annual
event promotes being aware of how you use the earth’s resources and how you can help make the world
more green. 

DeLorean Goes Green is an annual event that lasts a week. One of the lesser known things about the DeLorean is that we try to create things that are eco-friendly and are conscience of the environment. We are hoping this annual event will bring awareness that the DeLorean believes in the green imitative. To help bring this awareness, the DeLorean encourages communities to try to make more of an effort of going green for one week. This includes recycling, picking up loose trash in your neighborhood, and being more conscience of water and power usage in your homes. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Goes Green underscores our commitment to being innovative while being earth conscience by providing opportunities for communities to collaborate together to go green. 


DeLorean Goes Green is an event that brings communities together to work together to make the world a green place. This connects to the idea that John DeLorean wanted his cars to be eco-friendly.

Similar to: Go Green Day, Earth Day


DeLorean Goes Green differs from these events in that it’s a week long event whereas Go Green Day and Earth Day or singular. This is to help encourage people to practicing being green for a longer period. 

Links to: DeLorean Goes Green is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

A group of people gathering items to recycle or re-purpose. 

A handwritten message on a piece of DeLorean notepad encouraging the idea of recycling or reusing items. 


Organizing different materials into different recycling bags.

CIP–2003 // Product

The Delorean Book:

How To Be The One That Stands Out 

A DeLorean fan reading through the DeLorean book,njoying the history of the company.

The DeLorean book for sale at a local book store. 

Someone reading the DeLorean Book, learning about the history of the brand and
finding inspiration. 

The DeLorean Book: How To Be The One That Stands Out gives historical background on one of the most ambitious minds in America, and gives guidance and inspiration for your journey. 

The DeLorean Book is a historical, informative guide book that gives the history of the DeLorean company and its founder. It talks about the process of how to be innovative, creative, and how to be the one that stands out. It also goes into the discussion of how to find other experts and leverage ideas to find solutions to get to the place you want to be. Whether you are looking to start your own business, or design a new product, or be able to come up with new innovative ideas, this book will help guide you and give inspiration. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Book reinforces our mission of advancement and being visionary by providing the history of the DeLorean founder and offering guidance on how to be successful and innovative. 


The DeLorean Book offers the history of the company and gives guidance to the reader on how to be innovative. Although this is a small product, the content has big ideas
and inspiration. 

Similar to: Text books, Biography books

What makes this book different is that is a combination of different genres. It includes history, biography, and education and inspiration. It has a lot to offer in one book.  

Links to: The DeLorean Book can be found on the DeLorean Resource Hub. 

CIP–7002 // Education

The DeLorean Training Program  

The company will offer classes on business, science, technology, engineering, etc. To those wanting to further their education and career. This wouldn’t be a school, but more of a program.

DeLorean offers an in-training program, training seventeen year olds and older in a specific field of industry. These fields include science, technology, and engineering. DeLorean promotes educating those willing to learn so that they can be able to work with others, providing insightful ideas and solutions wherever they go, and to be able to be innovative and resourceful. This in-training program offers employment with the DeLorean company upon completion, if that is the graduate’s goal. Otherwise, DeLorean will send their graduates off to the world, one bright and educated mind at a time. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Training Program reinforces our mission of collaboration and finding solutions by providing the training and resources to be able to collaborate, leverage ideas, and find solutions when they go out into the workforce. 


The DeLorean Training Program provides people an opportunity to be able to create
new and innovative ideas and products for the future, and also helps secure them a job with DeLorean. 

Similar to: In-training programs, internships

What makes the DeLorean Training Program different from other
in-training programs or internships is that the applicant isn’t tied to the company. Their training can be counted as experience for any job in their field, but the hope that future collaboration is possible. 

Links to: The DeLorean Training Program is advertised on the DeLorean Resource Hub.

A snapshot of a student in action of their science experiment. 

you-x-ventures-bzqU01v-G54-unsplash copy

An action shot of a teacher teaching his students, showing collaboration and exploring ideas. 


A student practicing with a breadboard, learning how to hook up basic electronic diagrams. 

CIP–3001 // Services

The DeLorean assistant 

This shop will help customers with any questions, installations of products, and any repairs. These Builders will be at each DeLorean location, ensuring quality customer service. 

The DeLorean Assistant is a customer-service shop that is located at each of the DeLorean locations. Here customers can call or walk in to talk to DeLorean employees with any questions they may have about the company and its services and products. If the customer is having any issues with their DeLorean products or softwares, DeLorean Builder can assist them in their difficulties. It is suggested to make an appointment so the customer does not have to wait for a long time, but walk-ins are welcome. During their wait, many of the products, services, and programs are available to try and learn about. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Assistant reinforces our mission of advancement by helping people to be able to move forward with the least amount of malfunctions and difficulties with their products and softwares.  


This shop offers opportunity for products and softwares to be fixed, ensuring the promise of reliable and efficient products and softwares. 

Similar to: Geek Squad, Genius Bar

One thing that is different than the Geek Squad and Genius Bar, is that the DeLorean Assistant has programs available to sign up for.  

Links to: The DeLorean Solutions App, DeLorean Resource Hub, DeLorean STEM Teens.

CIP–7001 // Education

The DeLorean spark Podcast

A podcast offering different categories of science, technology, and engineering, giving the opportunity for people to learn about the process of how something is created and accomplished There will be different hosts and guest speakers for the different categories, bringing a variety of people to share their history and successes. 

The DeLorean Podcast will have different categories of science, technology, and engineering for people to listen to. There will be different hosts and guest speakers from the different industries talking about the history and success and failures of their field. This will give the listeners a chance to learn more about a specific field, learning about different people’s process to come up with ideas and find solutions to achieve their goal. There will be a section on the DeLorean Hub for people to have access to the different channels. They will start out live, and be recorded for people to listen to later, and there will be a chance for question and answers. 

Mission Focus

The DeLorean Spark Podcast reinforces our mission of leveraging ideas to find solutions by sharing people’s success of their ideas and solutions. 


The DeLorean Spark Podcast is different in that it’s about education, but still being about collaborating and learning about the process of ideas and solutions.  

Similar to: NPR, This American Life

What makes the DeLorean Spark Podcast different from the similar podcasts, is that it’s a bit more specific in subject. The similar podcast has a wide range of subjects. 

Links to: The DeLorean Spark Podcast is advertised and available on the DeLorean Resource Hub.